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Designer Dog or Mix Breed Dog: Will the real one step forward?

There is a new dog in town, “The Designer Dog”. These dogs are a cross between two pure bred dogs. Some people say they are very different from a mixed breed dog.

I can agree with part of the hype in that a “mutt” is of uncertain ancestry and a designer dog has documented purebred ancestry. So, to determine the character and temperment of a designer breed, you must look at all aspects of both breeds involved and realize that you may get any combination of these traits. However you may believe, there is one mixed little cutie that I have had the pleasure to spend a lot of time with over the last two years… “The Chorkie”. These little dynamos are 6 pound tigers that will melt your heart and at the same time be the leader of your house. Chorkies are a mix of Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier. My little pal is named “Kiwi” and belongs to one of my best friends. Kiwi’s day starts with scoping the backyard for squirrels and birds. Then she demands to be let outdoors so she can put them in their place. She resides with two full grown Labrador Retrievers. She keeps her comrads in place by a slightly raised sneer and the occasional snip to the younger dog’s leg to make sure she understands the rules. Chorkies are great little companions that will steal your heart away. They are a good mix of the Yorkie and Chihuahua personality. I’d highly recommend this little dog for anyone who wants lots of companionship and their yard well patrolled. Every time I see Kiwi, I tell her that her tiara is on crooked because she is definitely the queen of her world.