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Canine Influenza

If you would like more information about Canine Influenza, please read through the article we have provided. Our goal is to help our clients stay well informed and to keep our patients healthy and happy.

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Putting Those Common Misconceptions to Rest

When a dog is scooting it usually means the anal glands are full. This can easily be resolved with a trip to the vet to have them manually expressed. Very rarely it may be a case of intestinal parasites.

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Canine Ear Infections

If you’re like most of our clients at Manchaca Road Animal Hospital, you absolutely adore your pooch. You love everything about them dearly. The way they perk up whenever they see you coming, the way they bark, and the way they blissfully wag their tail! Therefore, as a good pet parent you want your dog to constantly be robust and in good health. So, what if your dog is relentlessly scratching his ears? Could it possibly be an infection?

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Oh my! It is midnight and my baby is trying to have puppies! She is having trouble and the emergency hospital says it is dystocia. Manchaca Road Animal Hospital is closed and my veterinarian is fast asleep. I don’t know what to do. What should I do? Who do I turn to? WAIT! What is dystocia anyway?

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The Life Cycle of a Flea

Nice spring rains in central Texas means we will have meadows of flowers in every color and shape and butterflies, but did you know the flea has the same life cycle as a butterfly?  Like the butterfly, fleas gestate in a cocoon.

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