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No Bones About It! Top 10 Reasons To Not Feed Your Best Friend Bones

1) They can break your pet’s teeth and cause mouth or tongue injuries

2) The bone could get stuck around lower jaw or wedged between upper jaw teeth. Much damage can be done by your dog trying to free himself from this uncomfortable situation.

3) A bone could get stuck in your dog’s windpipe. This is a choking hazard at the very least.

4) It could get stuck in your dog’s esophagus. Endoscopy anyone?

5) The bone could get stuck in stomach. See above, or worse, surgery.

6) The bone can get stuck in the intestines. It just gets better and better doesn’t it? Any one of these scenarios mentioned can easily be fatal.

7) Constipation due to the bone fragments. Very uncomfortable!

8) Perforation of the bowels and Peritonitis. You guessed it… much more complicated than a mere obstruction and even deadlier.

9) A condition known as Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. A very painful disorder characterized by bloody diarrhea, sepsis, and severe dehydration.

10) Last, but not least! Death! We have been leading up to this and now there you have it.

There are dental bones available that are safe for your dog. Please, don’t give them leftovers from your weekend grill party or chicken dinner. These bones are very delicious and will be irresistible to your pet, but they can also be painful, expensive, or fatal. The risks far outweigh the benefit of one yummy snack!