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What Clients Say About Manchaca Road Animal Hospital

As a vet clinic with over 40 years of pet care in South Austin, we’ve made many friends. Some of our clients have been gracious enough to leave reviews on Yelp and Facebook. Take a look to see what they’ve said.

Karen J.

MRAH is a relatively small clinic with two active doctors. You really get a family vibe when you visit and they make you feel like you are a part of their family. Several staff members have been with the clinic for a very, very long time. This, to me, is a great indication of a well-run business.

When you walk in, you never get the sense that you’ll be rushed. Their office is calm, and they take their time. Sometimes, you may have to wait, but it is well worth it. You know that the person ahead of you is getting the same great service and attention that you will soon be receiving.

We started seeing Dr. Walker at MRAH about 5 years ago. At the time, I had a healthy older Bullmastiff, who we referred to as Bear. Unfortunately, cancerous bumps were soon found on numerous locations on his body. Dr. Walker provided consistent veterinary care throughout his treatment, and lovingly helped us see him to the other side. When he left us, I know that he took a small piece of her heart with him to Rainbow Bridge.

Dealing with a pet that has cancer is extremely challenging and can be emotionally draining. When surgery is involved, complications can arise and access to medical advice is extremely important. Dr. Walker’s main priority was our beloved Bear. She would do her best to make herself available. Even if she wasn’t in the office, the staff could reach out to her. She would either call me on her day off, or advise the other veterinarian, Dr. Rojo, of her thoughts and advice. She and Dr. Rojo were in constant communication, and they were always available to offer guidance and attention when we needed it the most.

We now have a 19 month old Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff), Moose, who is the life of the party. He’s definitely enjoys his visits to MRAH, and the staff and doctors love to see him. Moose has been plagued with immune system issues, primarily seen via skin infections, etc. Due to all of his issues, I felt the need to seek out advice from another veterinarian. That was a HUGE mistake! The differences in our experiences are immeasurable (see Yelp Review for Lake Austin Blvd Animal Hospital). There’s no replacement for the service, attention and support you’ll receive at MRAH.

Our family has never felt more loved by a veterinary clinic. We are SO grateful to be able to experience the love that they provide to our Moose, and our cats, LB and Nellie.


Jennifer S.

We have taken our two rescue dogs to Dr. Walker and Dr. Rojo since we’ve had them (2 and 5 years) and wouldn’t go anywhere else! The staff is very personable and you can tell they love the animals. Our dogs receive great care and we never feel rushed during appointments. I think the longest we’ve ever waited is 5-10 minutes as well. I recommend MRAH to everyone!


Janette Burke SchmalianJanette Burke Schmalian

I like that they are so professional and highly skilled. Dr. Walker has taken care of my dog and many cats for 10 years. One of my cats had to have a leg amputated. My cat looked like she had just been born with three legs; couldn’t see any scar. She never has been limited by the loss of it. The staff are really skilled, kind, and attentive.


Linda M. McWhorterLinda M McWhorter

So kind and loving, when our pet companions (and we) need it the most. Our dear canine daughter, Penny, went to heaven this morning. It has been a rough week, not knowing when. Penny told me last night with her eyes and her body language that it was time. Dr. Walker, Celeste and the other caring people at Manchaca Road Animal Hospital were gentle, compassionate and caring. Thank you for all you do. Sam and I really appreciate your humanness, and your professionalism.

I want to also mention Dr. Joanah Rojo who has been Penny’s primary doctor now for months. She was off today, so didn’t get to say goodbye to Penny. So sorry, Dr. Rojo. Thank you for all the care for Penny and advice to us you have provided over the past 6 months since Penny was diagnosed with cancer. You have been amazing! God bless you all and your ministry with our beloved pets.


Lou Ann Bardash

When we inherited our dog, Humphrey, he had never been socialized or trained, and in more recent years, developed major skin issues. The poor guy was in such misery but we worked in partnership with Dr. Walker, Carol, Patty and all the fabulous folks at Manchaca Road Animal Hospital. The great news — after several years of wearing it off and on (more on) — the Cone is Gone! Thank you so much for offering us such affordable and affectionate care. It feels like such a victory. We will keep doing our part!


Michael ClaytonMichael Clayton

This is the best that in Austin took my Chihuahua mix in did not do any unnecessary procedures on him and we got lots of personalize attention and TLC if you’re going to need the other vet in Austin you’re crazy!


Sharon F. Henderson

How fortunate we are that we have MARH in our life!! The whole staff treats us like family. We get the very best care ever here. We love MARH!