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Food for the gods: The Mighty Chihuahua

By Joe Perez

The AKC general standard appearance describes Chihuahuas as graceful, alert, swift moving little dogs with a saucy expression, and terrier-like qualities of temperament.

These cute companions may be either smooth or long-coated, and although tiny in size they are big in spirit and in heart. Chihuahuas come in a rainbow of colors and flavors from snow white to chocolate latte. Their heads are apple domed. Chihuahua’s teeth are too many to count, just like a buzz saw when it’s on… and these little dogs are always on. I have, however, met some very sweet ones.

My first love was Chiquita Banana, a six pound cream short hair Chihuahua that was very protective of our whole family. One spring morning in 1966 my brother and I were determined to be adventurers. We decided to scoop out a sea vessel that had been submerged throughout the winter months. We had struggled for hours to pull the dingy out of the pond when my mom caught us at it. She promptly broke out the switch and switched us – since we had been warned before to stay away from the pond. However, “boys will be boys” or so the saying goes. Two novice explorers can’t be concerned with mom’s willow switch. When Mom went for our little butts, Chiquita Banana came to the rescue. She attacked Mom on her huaraches (sandals). Mom was very surprised at Chiquita’s maternal love for us. Mom stopped her willow switching and started to laugh at how such a little dog came with such a big heart.