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Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russells are tough little dogs that usually grow 10″ to 15″ tall. They are predominantly white in coloration with black and/or tan markings and they have either a smooth or a rough coat. The Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) is primarily a working terrier with its origins in red fox hunting, so the working Jack Russell must be small enough to pursue them.

Jack Russells tend to be extremely intelligent, athletic, fearless, and vocal dogs. It is not uncommon for these dogs to become destructive or develop behavioral problems if not properly stimulated and exercised. They have a tendency to bore easily and will often create their own entertainment when left alone. Their high energy and stamina make these dogs ideally suited to a number of different dog sports. Obedience classes are strongly recommended to potential owners, as Jack Russells can be stubborn and aggressive if not properly socialized. Owners may be daunted by the task of providing these terriers with the appropriate amount of exercise and stimulation. These are truly big dogs in small packages, which can sometimes lead to trouble involving larger animals. The JRT owner must be aware of these tendencies and keep an eye out for potential trouble in any situation.

Two famous Jack Russells, father Moose and son Enzo, played the role of Eddie on the TV sitcom Frasier. Eddie received more fan mail than any other Frasier character. Another TV stardog, Wishbone, was played by Soccer an eight-year-old JRT. Wishbone was a daydreaming dog who imagined himself the hero of classic literature and encouraged children to read. In April 2007, a Jack Russell named George saved five children in a carnival at New Zealand from an attack by two pit bulls. He was reported to have charged at them and held them at bay long enough for the children to get away. Although he was killed in the attack, he posthumously received a gold medal and a purple heart for his efforts.

Jack is a seven year old Jack Russell Terrier who was rescued by Manchaca Road Animal Hospital several months ago. He has been living with me ever since. Jack is a very loving dog who requires a lot of attention. He enjoys playing ball and is very
good with children. He loves to go to the lake and has even gone tubing. He swims in the pool whenever we do. Jack can be a bit of a troublemaker though. He likes to wiggle under the gate if no one is outside paying attention to him, but then sits at the front door waiting to be let back in. He even locked his owner
out of the car once by pushing the automatic door lock  button. He then rolled one of the windows all the way down, but did not jump out. What a dog!