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Dasuquin with MSM

New Product: Dasuquin with MSM by Nutramax

Nutramax has been supplying the veterinary community with excellent products for many years beginning with Cosequin in the early 1990’s. Cosequin was a smashing success and many other products followed. With their outstanding reputation for adhering to self-imposed, strict regulations and quality control, Manchaca Road Animal Hospital is confidant their new product “Dasuquin” will not disappoint.

This product is a nutritional supplement labeled for joint health support. It is an improved version of glucosamine/ chondroitin sulfate with a new ingredient that triples its effectiveness and the pleasant added surprise of a lower price. It is available for small to medium dogs, large dogs and cats. The canine product comes in a chewable flavored tablet, while the feline product comes in a capsule you can open and sprinkle on their food with natural chicken and tuna flavors.

Learn more at the Nutramax website.