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Product Highlight: Trifexis

Great News! A new combination heartworm, intestinal worm, and flea prevention product is coming soon to our practice. In early March we will begin to carry Trifexis!

Trifexis is an oral tablet with milbemycin and spinosad in it. Milbemycin is a heartworm prevention found also in Interceptor and Spinosad is a flea prevention found in Comfortis. We have been prescribing these two products separately for years and are very excited that there will now be a combination produce for your convenience. As you can probably guess, this will save you money because you will no longer have to buy two separate products. So, if you don’t like to apply the topical product every month and you want a monthly preventative that covers all the important parasites, Trifexis is a great option for you. It will come in these five sizes: 5-10 lbs, 10-20 lbs, 20-40 lbs, 40-60 lbs and 60-120 lbs.

Visit the website for more details: www.trifexis.com